Why Smarter Asset Owners Are Choosing To Use MetroResidences

Why Smarter Asset Owners Are Choosing To Use MetroResidences
14 Dec 2016

Given a rather sluggish economic status over the past few months, more locals are starting to look for money making opportunities in sharing economy businesses such as Uber, Grab and Airbnb. Recently, The Straits Times published an article on the average Airbnb host in Singapore earning about $5000 year and renting their apartment/room for roughly 4 to 5 nights per month. While it is a great way to earn extra income with existing resources, the effort and hassle an asset owner is required to go through to set up and maintain the overall guest experience (check-ins, housekeeping, complaints, damage control), may not be as cost efficient. Also, this model may not be ideal for everyone too.

Instead of doing nightly stays, asset owners now have the option to do monthly stays to reap EVEN higher rental income (at least 3X) within the same year. MetroResidences occupies the mid to long term accommodation needs of corporate guests who are looking for more affordable alternatives in the serviced apartment industries. More importantly, the company helps to manage the apartment FULLY for homeowners, giving them a peace of mind knowing that the apartment is well taken care of.

Here are some case studies of smart homeowners who have worked with MetroResidences in 2016.


View Corporate Serviced Apartment HERE


View Corporate Serviced Apartment HERE



View Corporate Serviced Apartment HERE

What MetroResidences can offer to Asset Owners:

  • An average monthly stay for corporate guests ranges from 1-4 months
  • Corporate guests tend to be more responsible with the apartment.
  • Fully managed with a 20% management fee from listed price
  • Best price guarantee
  • 1-2 weeks lead time to convert your apartment to corporate rental

Technologically wise, smart homeowners are starting to use igloohome, a smart lock which reduces the hassle for homeowners to pass keys and access cards to the next recipient, be it for apartment viewing or check-ins. The lock is synced to an app on your phone, allowing you to create PIN codes (and select how long they are valid for) without the need for Internet connection.

If you are interested in the MetroResidences model, feel free to read up more on it. Upon submitting your form, our friendly Asset Managers will contact you shortly to access the suitability of your apartment for corporate rental.


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